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Feng Shui Home and Office

Does your home embrace you with a sense of comfort and balance?

Do your relationships have the depth of intimacy you would like?

Is your work exciting, rewarding, fulfilling and a place you want to be?

Is clutter an issue in your life or surroundings?

Feng Shui is the practice of understanding how the energy, the feeling, in our living spaces affects the quality of our lives. It allows us to harness and use this energy to our best advantage, improving not just the aesthetics of our spaces but also the feeling of our spaces. Feng shui seeks to create environments that are in balance with our individual sense of harmony and serenity.

Feng shui provides a new perspective for viewing your life and the spaces where you live and work. Feng shui helps you understand and improve the quality of your life by adjusting or changing the energy in your living space through shifts in your environment.

Homes and businesses can be vibrant places of health, well-being and renewal or they can be physical structures devoid of nature and warmth.

A business that embraces balance and harmony creates an environment that supports creativity and prosperity as well as the clients and employees who work there. It is a business that welcomes you. Make your house a home that embraces self-expression and comfort, a home that resonates with balance and harmony, a home for your soul. 

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Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a ceremony that realigns stagnant or unhealthy energy in your environment creating a restoration of harmony, balance and support throughout your living space.

When we enter a room, we see the colors and furnishings that surround us, but, on a deeper level, we also feel and are aware of the energy of the room. Positive energy resonates a sense of comfort and security – it feels good. Negative energy depletes and drains us, leaving us feeling uncomfortable. Space clearing realigns stagnant energy and replaces it with vibrant, supportive energy.

The energy of a place is influenced by events, emotional states, illness and patterns from the past. With every situation, the energetic charge created

by that situation puts an imprint on the space, that affects everyone living or working there. Space clearing neutralizes the energetic patterns in an environment, opening the space to positivity.

Space clearing incorporates the beauty and power of blessing ceremonies to instill your intention and desire into your space while releasing the energy that no longer serves you. It is a powerful addition to consider in conjunction with a feng shui consultation. Space clearing clears the energetic cobwebs and feng shui enhancements hold that change, supporting the new energy and new intention.

Space Clearing is helpful when:


• you move into a new home or remodel an existing home
• you’re considering a new job or relationship
• you’d like to enhance your health and well-being
• you are incorporating Feng Shui enhancements into your environment

• there’s a situation where the energy within the space feels heavy, oppressive and uncomfortable.​​​​​​​

Blessing Ceremonies

Blessing Ceremonies are individualized rituals that are created to honor and strengthen your intention and the changes you desire in your life.

Your intention is your most powerful ally and the most powerful tool you can use to realign the energy in your living spaces. With intention, your actions have purpose, clarity and direction.


Blessing ceremonies are a way to imprint our living spaces with our goals and desires. They can be done in conjunction with space clearing or independently.

Blessing ceremonies are helpful when

• you’ve just completed a space clearing

• you’d like to enhance your health
• you want to attract a new relationship

you want to change jobs

• you’ve recently moved to a new home or remodeled

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Enrichment Services

Would you like to find out what your Soul desires right now? Take action, begin healing, believe in the energy, delight in awakening. Take a leadership role in your future. Let your essence shine with gratitude and grace. Start the voyage to your Soul’s success. Create your personal sanctuary in your home, in your heart, and in your life.

Whether you're seeking holistic services for yourself, your loved ones, your home or office, the synergistic blend of techniques and services we provide can help you achieve your goals and personal transformation. We layer and blend services through the use of uniquely individualized recommendations, empowering you to achieve your true essence.

Each of these modalities can be done a la carte or put together as one package depending on your needs.​​​​​​

Our healing and enrichment services include:

. Reiki

Chakra Balancing

Auric Cleansing

The Rock Girl Stone Foundation Treatment

Personalized Rocks & Crystals

Feng Shui in a BoxTM

Crystal and Stone Healing


End-of-Life Doula/Soul Midwifery

Specialized Classes

Guided Meditations

Vision Board Making

To learn more, send us an email below!

Oracle and Angel Card Reading

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Oracle cards are an ancient and time-honored way to connect with Heaven and your angels. They’re based upon Pythagorean numerology, which teaches that numbers and images all vibrate in a very precise, mathematical manner.  Similarly, Angel Cards can be an extremely powerful tool to help people seeking insight and guidance in their life​​​​​​​ 

As Certified Angel Card readers, and Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Readers, we use the cards to guide you towards what really matters in life.  With Harmony Life Design's readings, you’ll get in touch with what your soul needs you to know.

Not sure which type of reading you need? Send us an email and we will guide you towards the one best suited for you. 

Life, Soul, & Empowerment Coaching 

Coaching, from an experienced professional, can be just the tool you need to break out of your existing pattern, or see your way to the next level of your dream.  As fully certified coaches, we specialize in Holistic Life Coaching, Soul Coaching, and Empowerment Coaching. Let us help guide you to be the happiest, most successful, and most authentic version of yourself. We will show you simple, yet effective ways to not only heal, and climb the 'empowerment ladder', but to also enhance your success professionally as well as in all aspects of your life.

Not sure which kind of coaching you need? During our session, we will use our unique skillset to determine which area of your life you need assistance with, and will incorporate a blend of the different coaching methods to ensure your needs are met.  

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To schedule a service with us, send us an email using the form below. Be sure to include the service you're interested in, what time of day works best for you, and any other notes we should know about. Maybe you're not sure exactly which service you're in need of - that's okay! Just send us an email and we can help arrange the perfect session for you and your needs. A member of our team will be back within the next 48 hours.